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Totoket TV Shines The Spotlight on PoCo Fest '18
Totoket TV Remembers Our Veterans
Join Simms Sonet as he explores the sights, sounds and foods of the 2018 North Branford Roasted Potato & Corn Festival.​

​The program is now airing on Totoket TV (Comcast 18 or 1070, Frontier 6085) and here on using the video player to the right.
Totoket TV remembers our veterans with complete coverage of the Veteran's Day Ceremony at Stanley T. Williams School.
Totoket TV Now Streaming Town Meetings LIVE on Facebook
Longtime Totoket TV Board Member Bill Bergers Passes Away
Totoket TV is pleased to announce, with the help of the Town of North Branford, that all Town Council and Planning and Zoning Meetings are now also be streamed LIVE on Facebook on Totoket TV's Facebook page. To see the LIVE or taped meetings, CLICK HERE.

Also, soon, Totoket TV will also air the meetings LIVE on Comcast Xfinity and Frontier Vantage TV.
Totoket TV is sad to announce that William Bergers, 90, a longtime Totoket TV Board Member and volunteer, passed away recently after a 28-year courageous battle with cancer. Bill was the husband of the late Marguerite O'Brien Bergers. Bill was very involved in Totoket TV for many years, up until recently. We will miss his smile, humor and his genuine love and dedication to Totoket TV. 
Bill Bergers